Our conversion plan of procedure – step by step
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Our conversion plan of procedure – step by step

We planned our layout and now we have to realize the build – but in what order? Here is our step-by-step plan.

We have the vehicle and we have the windows – what’s next? Roughly speaking, we are working our way from the outside to the inside. And this is what our plan looks like.

Step 1: Metal bodywork/outside installations

First is the installation of the awning, it will be screwed and glued directly to the roof. Right above the driver’s cab, we will install some working headlights. To be self-sufficient, three 100 WP solar panels will also find their place on the roof. On the driver’s side of the car, we will mount some rails to attach sand plates and maybe some other things. Of course we will also take care of some rust.

Step 2: Insulation

For sound insulation we will use Alubutyl before mounting wooden slats to the floor and doing the thermal insulation with 25mm (and some 19mm) Armaflex.

Step 3: Electrical

First we will check and maintain the current electrical installations of the car. Electricity in a campervan is a very extensive subject and includes the whole power supply, the required amount of electricity needed, wiring diagram, solar, batteries, shore power, inverter, converter and the controller or monitor. Additionally, we will add a rear view camera to be able to maneuver more easily.

Step 4: Flooring and interior paneling

The new floor panel will be made of OSB3-panels with slot and key, consisting of three parts. On top of the floor panel, we will install a nice looking and easy to clean PVC-flooring. The side walls as well as the doors will be paneled with 6mm cottonwood plywood.

Step 5: Interior

At first we will build the frames for the future furniture like sitting and sleeping area, as well as the kitchenette including Dieselcooker, sink and fridge. Then, installing the water system and plumbing including the wet room, shower, toilet and sink. Because we do not want to get cold in the winter, we will also install a heater. At last, the external finishing of the interior build and furniture will be done including the doors and countertops. Last but not least we will finish everything off with cushions, decorations and equipment.

Step 6: Registration as a mobile home

Currently the Sprinter is registered as a truck. After finishing the conversion we will have the build reviewed by the TÜV to get the final registration as a mobile home.

Step 7: Let’s go!

We will pack up the Sprinter and start our journey – the adventure on the PanAmerican Highway!

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