Sink and faucet in Camper kitchen
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Sink and faucet in Camper kitchen

Mounting and installation of standard sink and faucet in the camper – what you need to know when it comes to the connection and the water system!

We ordered and returned so many sinks and faucets from specialized camping stores which we all disliked so much that we finally decided to search for „regular“ sinks & faucets until we found what we really liked!


You need to know this

When installing the stainless steel sink from IKEA and the faucet from Villeroy & Boch into the countertop, we did not really have to consider anything camper-specific and just followed the instructions.

But when it came to connecting the (waste-) water system of the camper, we added an adapter of 19 mm (3/42) to the drain set to connect the greywater hose. For the hoses of the fauchet we used brass cases, so the cold- and warm water hoses could then be connected with clamps. The hoses are drinkable water hoses from Lilie with an inside diameter of 10 mm.


Mounting and installation

For more stability on the front and back edges of the sink we decided to only drill the gaps in the wood where the screws are placed for the fastening. This way the edge of the sink has a bigger support area and therefore is more stable – might be reasonable in a moving vehicle.

To prevent the entrance of water or moisture between the countertop and the sink, we sealed the sink with regular clear silicone.

We then drilled the hole for the faucet wit a hole saw.

The overflow set came with the sink and we installed it before placing the sink in the countertop.

The sink is mounted to the countertop with included clamps and screws from below. It really was an advantage that we installed everything into the countertop outside (before the final installation inside of the camper) because we could easily reach everywhere.

We wanted faucet in the kitchen, just like the one in our bathroom, to be extendable. Because both facets are close to a window or door, we wanted to have the possibility to have running water outside.

We do not want the extendable hose to loosely hang and tangle in the cabinet though, so when building the kitchen block we already added some guidance in the form of a cut rain pipe.

We switched the drain set of the sink from IKEA with a drain set from the hardware store and added the screw-on type adapter which reduces to 19 mm.

This is the sink and faucet with the countertop finally installed in the Camper!

And this is the hose- and sewage system beneath the sink in the small cabinet of the kitchen block 😉

The extendable hose of the faucet runs in the installed pipe in the big cabinet of the kitchen block behind the fridge.

Our stainless steel sink from IKEA and extendable faucet from Villeroy & Boch in our camper-kitchen!


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