DIY teakwood Shower Grid for Campervan Shower
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DIY teakwood Shower Grid for Campervan Shower

Upcycling furniture – how we transformed our balcony table into a shower grid for the wetroom of our offroad Camper.

Making new from old – that what’s upcycling is about; upgrading old furniture and transform it into new products. By reusing already existing material the usage of resources is reduced. That’s why we upcycle our balcony table into a shower grid for the bathroom of our Camper Van!

The plate of the balcony table is made of multiple teakwood planks. In the first step, it had to be disassembled.

Teakwood is a resistent wood, but due to the weather it became discolored, almost greyish and the surface was already roughened. That’s why we sanded the wooden planks. For several times we used our multi-purpose tool with sandpaper and a grain size from 80 to 120.

In the end we had these nice looking teakwood planks!

For the next step we transferred the inner dimensions of the shower tray as well as the position of the drains onto paper. We then arranged the planks accordingly and cut them to size. The middle plank is a little shorter because of the drains.

To connect the separate planks we used the old struts from the balcony table.

Next we screwed the planks and struts together. Therefore we used screws made of stainless steel. To prevent the wood from splintering we recommend pre-drilling the holes 😉

The bottom or rather contact surface of the shower grid with the actual shower is finished off with small rubber bumpers.

So here’s the finished shower grid!

The teakwood shower grid matches the plate of the washbasin which is also made of teakwood.


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