Awning (Part 3) Accessory: LED lights
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Awning (Part 3) Accessory: LED lights

Fiamma offers a great range of accessories for campervan awnings, such as wind baffles, bars and hooks. We equipped our awning with LED lights on the awning arms.

The LED light strips have a self-adhesive backside, very easy to apply. Just a small piece of advice: Of course we applied them as the manual suggested, but then we could not close the awning completely so we moved the LED lights a little, now everything fits again. But still, when the awning is in and the fabric is rolled in it does get a little pushed in.

What a weird construction. We probably wouldn’t buy this one again. Anyways, the cable runs to the back to our double cable inlet of the working headlights. We do not like the color of the light as much as we hoped to, but it is definitely enough to clean up at night.

Read about how we mounted the awning in Part 1, and you find more about the installation of the brackets to the vehicle in Part 2.

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