About Us

We were both born and raised in the “most beautiful city in the world” – Hamburg, Germany. After finishing an apprenticeship and graduating college, then spending hours at the office, we want to get out of the daily routine and into the adventure of life!


The world is such a big place and a single vacation is over so quickly, the variety of the destination can’t be experienced to its full extent. In the joy of the vacation, the places and sights, cultures and people can only be appreciated on the surface; you take a quick photo and hurry on. In the blink of an eye you are back at the office in the everyday hassle.

But we want to explore and experience the riches of our world more detailed and intensely than our small amount of days off allow us to.

We began to talk about things like “world trip” and “globetrotter” more often in our daily life. We read blogs about travels, followed other travelers on social media and even watched documentations about traveling the world. The more pictures and videos we saw, the more posts and articles we read, the more we wanted to do it, too!

This wish got more intense over the last years and a regular vacation did not satisfy us entirely, so we finally made the decision that we want to make our wish come true – if not now, when?!

We probably don’t like organized round trips, bus tours or cruises and backpacking isn’t something we could imagine for us either. Somehow we discovered #vanlife and decided this is what we want – and create our own van.


We quickly agreed we want to travel North, Central and South America; we want to see it all! The legendary Pan-American Highway is the perfect overland route for people like us; it will lead us from the northernmost point of North America in Alaska to the southernmost point of South America in Tierra del Fuego.

But how can we afford this trip? The first thing to do is to start saving money everywhere we can, the new TV or the new restaurant around the corner, that we would really like to try, have to wait. But the great anticipation makes up for the “sacrifices” we have to make.

And now here we are! Our Sprinter is standing in front of our house, ready to be converted and take us on new adventures. Follow us on our journey from our do-it-yourself van conversion to America – and further!



Growing up in a small town just outside of Hamburg, she quickly moved to the city. After an economic apprenticeship she got a degree in business administration focusing on tourism and event management and then started working full time as a real estate agent. She likes yoga, jogging and has quite a sweet tooth.


After gathering technical experiences in fair construction he finished his apprenticeship as a designer for visual marketing. He previously worked in marketing for an oil company. He is an enthusiastic athlete, likes skiing, hiking and rock climbing as well as well seasoned food.