Who are we and what are we doing here?

Who are we and what are we doing here?

We are Ines & Jan and we want to live a “different” life, that’s why we choose to live in a van and travel the Pan-American Highway, from the northernmost point of North America to the southernmost point of South America.

We are tired of the routine, everyday office life, the focus on material things and status symbols. We want to see and experience more, we want to appreciate our world and its diversity more. Looking for a way to do this we found #vanlife and decided that this is what we want!

But before we could start our journey it was clear to us that a lot of preparing and organizing needed to be done, especially because we want to convert our own van!

While there is a lot of information out there, we always missed this “one page” with all the information we wanted and needed: starting with the do-it-yourself conversion of a van, the administrative preparation here in Germany, the shipment to America, the border-crossings, as well as country specific tips on food or sights and last but not least stories from the road and van life advice. So this is what we are doing here! For everybody who wants to go on an adventure like this and for everybody who wants follow us on our adventure. Here on the blog we want to share our experiences and adventures: how we are do it, why we are doing it a certain way and even why we would maybe do it differently next time.

But why are we doing this in German and English? Well, English is currently the most important language worldwide. Especially during our preparation time most blog posts will be about our situation and organization here in Germany. But the van conversion, as well as the experiences, tips & tricks during our trip may be interesting for everybody, German-speaking or not. And we want everybody who likes to be a part of our adventure! We are certain that we are going to meet other, international travelers and we want to exchange experiences via our blog and give them the opportunity to follow our past and future journeys J Writing in English will also be great practice for our time abroad. What about Spanish? Well, we are currently still learning…

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